Cheek Augmentation in New York, NY

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About Cheek Augmentation

Cheek augmentation is a procedure that our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Lawrence Bass, offers to his New York, NY patients who want to enhance their cheek size to better balance facial shape or to replace facial volume lost through aging. There are two methods that Dr. Bass commonly employs at Bass Plastic Surgery, PLLC.  For small to moderate changes where detailed shape control is needed, facial fillers, such as Voluma or Radiesse are used to create a customized contour for the cheeks.  As an alternative, solid silicone implants or another biocompatible material can be surgically placed over the cheekbone, adding long-lasting volume.  Schedule a private consultation to learn more about the different procedures and their benefits. Cheek augmentation can greatly enhance the facial features and restore a youthful facial shape. 

Best Candidates

The best candidates for cheek implant surgery:

  • Have naturally flat cheeks
  • Have flat cheeks, creasing or cheek drooping as a result of aging
  • Have flat cheeks, creasing or drooping as a result of significant weight loss
  • Desire a fuller cheek look which would balance with their other facial features

What to Expect

If patients opt for facial fillers, Dr. Bass will help them decide which injectable would be right for them. Then, he will inject the filler into the cheeks in varying locations and depths to create the desired results. This is a 15 minute treatment in the exam room with no downtime, though some redness, swelling or bruising could occur for a few days after the treatment. 

Cheek implant surgery is performed as an outpatient surgery of less than one hour.  An small incision is placed just above the gums of the upper teeth.  A pocket is created over the cheekbone into which the implant is placed.

Anticipated Results

Facial fillers will yield less dramatic results that are not as long lasting as implants, but the results can be easily customized by the patient and Dr. Bass to produce natural-looking improvement. Depending on the filler, the results can last a year or more. 

After cheek implants, patients should expect some level of swelling, numbness, and bruising in the treatment area. Normal activities, such as going to work, can usually be resumed within a week.  As the swelling resolves, the patient can expect to see the full benefits of the surgery over the following few months.  While cheek implants provide long-term benefits, a patient’s face will change due to the aging process, which could impact the look of the implants over time.

Get Full, Beautiful Cheeks

You do not have to settle for the flat, deflated cheeks or a washed out look.  Cheek enhancement typically leaves you looking like you just a little more beautiful and elegant.  Most patients are thrilled the first time they see themselves after cheek enhancement treatments.  Transform your cheeks, your face, and your entire appearance with quality facial fillers or cheek implants. Our medical team is highly experienced and looks forward to helping you get back that youthful, full cheek look that you desire. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation.

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